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Here at Valuemax we agree that all homeowners are capable of doing their own Sausalito garage door maintenance. However there are some garage door repairs that should be that are best left to trained professionals at Valuemax Garage Door Repair Sausalito. If your cables or springs are involved with the garage door repair services you require, please call us and let us know so we can fix them. Jobs like these are simply too dangerous for people without the experience or tools to try to complete themselves. For all other, more routine garage door maintenance, here's a short list of things to look for on a month to month basis:

  • Lubricate Rollers and Hinges You don't have to lubricate your rollers and hinges every month, but you can keep an eye out for poorly lubed areas. Improperly lubed components could wear out quickly, leaving your garage door in a state of disrepair.
  • Checking your Locks If your lock doesn't seem to be locking easily, forcing it probably isn't the proper course of action. If you tried, you just might end up breaking the key off in the cylinder. You can try to see if you can maintain it yourself however. First, start by spraying a graphite-based lock lubricant into the lock and begin to gently work with it. If the lock turns freely, but still doesn't seem to lock, check the lock bars on the inside for proper alignment. If something still seems to be wrong, make sure you call Valuemax Garage Door Repair Sausalito to come and help.
  • Look for loose Bolts The amount of force that is needed to help raise and lower your garage doors can loosen bolts over time causing some serious wear and tear. To help this problem you can tighten bolts as you find them; however, be careful when working around the spring assembly bracket bolts as making one wrong move could lead to serious injury.
  • External Maintenance If you happen to own a wood garage door, make sure to keep it stained or painted inside and out to help preserve your wood garage door's performance and appearance.

Many homeowners can indeed take care of many garage door maintenance requirements themselves, but when it comes to more dangerous and complex things like spring replacement, it's probably best left to the pros at Valuemax Garage Door Repair. We serve the communities all throughout Marin County, including Sausalito. Call us today at (415) 408-5791 or toll-free at (866) 575-9050.

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