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Read our Garage Doors Safety tips when servicing your own garage door!

Every time we go on a service call to repair garage doors in Sausalito, they open and shut like new after we're finished with them. We can do this even for wood garage doors, which usually weigh hundreds of pounds. However, did you know that the mechanism that raises and lowers your garage door uses a huge amount of force when doing so? This can be very dangerous not to only kids, but to adults as well. To help protect your family and keep your garage door in working order here are some garage door safety tips to help you out:

  • Do not try to repair or adjust garage door springs or garage door cables yourself. Both items are under very high pressure, and unless handled by a professional, your springs and cables can cause very serious injuries. If you notice that your springs or cables are broken or slack, call Valuemax Garage Door Repair Sausalito first for fast garage door spring replacement by a certified professional.
  • Do not try to loosen or remove bolts on the bottom brackets of your garage door. These brackets are connected to the spring system and as we all know the spring's system is under very high pressure. Therefore, do not try to fix, loosen, or remove bolts. If they are broken please call us first to help you out.
  • Make sure to never let your kids play with the garage door, opener or wall switch. Please explain that your garage area is not a place to play because of the high pressure of the springs.
  • Use the garage door inspection sheet to make monthly inspections on your garage door, and be sure to apply lubricant as necessary to your garage's hinges and rollers.

If you notice that your garage door may need more than routine maintenance, please leave it to the professionals at Valuemax Garage Door Repair. We currently serve many areas in Marin County, including Sausalito. For professional garage door repairs, call us today at (415) 408-5791 or (866) 575-9050.

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